About Us:

Juicer Elite is your new source for all things juicing. We’re here to help you find the best juicers on the market today.

While it’s easy to find starter juicers, it’s harder to figure out which models are suited to serious, regular juicers. After all, any juicer can handle apples and carrots. If you like a wider nutritional palette, and the ability to experiment with different flavors and textures, you want an Elite juicer!

We’ve compiled a series of guides to help you find your ideal juicer. Our guides are designed to cover a range of lifestyles. After all, not all serious juicers are alike! Some of us are in it for convenience and quantity, while some of us are nutrition fanatics who want a slow juicer that provides the best quality possible.

We started this site because it can be hard to tell which models are actually up to snuff for serious juicers. Dozens of juicers are sold with the labels “professional” and “commercial.” However, many of these labels are added to ordinary juicer which aren’t powerful or durable enough for serious use.

We’ve spent considerable time and energy looking into the best masticating, centrifugal, and triturating models for the serious juicer. We consulted periodical reviews from Consumer Reports, Good Housekeeping, Mens Health, and others. Plus, we spent time looking at juicer forums, blogs, and networks to find out which models the most passionate juicers are using!

Most importantly, we took the time to read and dissect all the contradictory user reviews you’ll find on product listings. We wanted to see which products tested highly in labs, and fulfilled all those test results in real homes!

On our home page, you’ll find quick summaries of each category, so you can narrow down what you’re looking for. Then, you can click through to see our recommendations and in-depth reviews in each group!

We also wanted to find out whether the top selling, household name-brands are really up to par for the ardent juicer. With that in mind, we’ve compiled a few brand-specific guides to help you find the best Omega, Breville, and Jack LaLanne juicers on the market!

We hope you’ll find Juicer Elite to be helpful, informative, and inspiring for your juicing lifestyle!