Which Are the Best Breville Juicers of 2017? Read Our Comparison Reviews and Find Out!

Breville is one of the best-selling juicer companies on the market. They make primarily centrifugal juicers, with the exception of a few vertical masticating models.

Centrifugal juicers get a bad rap these days, with the rise of “slow” and “cold-press” juicers. You might not think centrifugal models are for people who juice seriously. Well, we’d beg to differ!

Centrifugal juicers are ideal for serious juicers with busy lifestyles. Not all of us have hours a day to spend prepping and slow-juicing produce.

While these types of juicers traditionally struggle with greens, soft fruits, and citrus, Breville makes a few multi-speed models which counteract the traditional weak spots of centrifugal juicers! So while many entry-level centrifugal models aren’t for serious juicers, plenty of mid- and upper-range models definitely are!

Since Breville offers so many variations on the Juice Fountain design, it can be hard to sort out which models are for entry-level or casual juicers, and which ones can handle serious daily juicing.

Not to worry! Here at Juicer Elite, we’ve done the research for you!

We’ve chosen 3 Breville juicers that will keep ardent juicers happy. We chose these models to fit a range of budgets, as well as various juicing styles.

In our in-depth reviews, we’ll take you through all their important features, and explain why they are elite juicers!

Check out the winners!

Best Value

Breville Juice Fountain Multi-Speed


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Best Quality

Breville Juice Fountain Duo


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Best Seller

Breville Juice Fountain Elite


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Review of the Best Breville Juicers

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This mid-range Juice Fountain provides a nice starting point for serious juicers who want an inexpensive model that’s above the level of cheap, budget juicers.

It adds 5 versatile speed settings and heavier body construction over the entry-level Brevilles. We love its stainless steel housing and extra-large feed tube, as well as its dedicated soft fruit and greens settings.


This Juice Fountain has 5 special settings for juicing different types of produce. You can use the highest settings to blast through crunchy stuff like carrots and beets, or turn down the speed to juice citrus or greens more efficiently.

The 900-watt motor has the power to tear into the toughest fruits and vegetables. It can also handle stringy roots like ginger, which give other centrifugal juicers trouble. This one adjusts from 6500 to 12500 rpm, giving you a wide range of options.

The 3-inch feed tube means you can feed produce in with little to no prep work. It’s wide enough to accept whole apples and carrots, and it’s centered over the cutting blade to prevent any clogs or catches.

The juice pitcher that’s included has a built-in froth separator. It’s a bit bigger than the pitchers that are included with the entry-level Breville models, at 1.2 liters.

It’s built better than a lot of the competition. Most of the housing is made from stainless steel, and the rest of the body is cast from dense polymers.

The stainless steel cutting blades are reinforced with titanium, for added durability. The whole thing is designed to cushion sound.

The clear housing on top helps you see what’s going on in the feed tube as you juice. You’ll be able to tell when you need to give the juicer a moment, and you’ll be able to judge whether you need to turn up the power.

All the plastic parts that come in contact with juice are BPA-free.

This model also has a few smart features that we think set it above the entry-level models and above many competing juicers at this price. There’s an auto-shutoff feature which turns the motor off if it’s under too much pressure.

The cord wraps up under the juicer body for storage, and aside from the cutting blade and filter basket, all the parts can be washed in the dishwasher.

We also like the added safety lever. The locking safety arm prevents the juicer from switching on if all the parts aren’t locked into place.

It’s easy to put together, and easier to use. That’s something you rarely hear about centrifugal juicers, which tend to have a lot of parts and confusing locking mechanisms. One previous buyer wrote, “The pieces fit together perfectly like a jigsaw puzzle.”


It’s not completely metal. While the higher-end Breville models are made from die-cast metal, the multi-speed model uses some polymers in the housing.


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This mid-range Breville juicer is an elegant, powerful machine that can handle years of daily juicing. Its larger capacity and more powerful motor make it an ideal choice for people who juice for a family, or for a few days at a time.


The Elite packs a serious punch with a 1000-watt motor. That’s a full 100 watts more than the Multi-Speed, and 150 watts more than the entry-level models.

The powerful motor makes this one perfect for people who are juicing for the whole family each morning, and need to blast through a bunch of produce fairly quickly.

You can choose between two speed settings: 13,000/6,500 rpm. This lets you speed things up to power through carrots, beets, and ginger, and allows you to slow down to get more juice out of your citrus, soft fruits, or leafy greens.

With the same 3-inch feed tube as the Multi-Speed, you can chuck in whole produce without having to do much prep work.

The micro mesh pulp filter is made from stainless steel, just like the one on the Multi-Speed. The cutting blade is made from stainless steel as well, and plated with titanium for added reinforcements.

The housing and the body are both made from die-cast steel. While the Multi-Speed is only stainless steel on the outside, the Elite gives you a more solid, reassuring body by eliminating most of the plastic parts. This also helps mask the noise of the motor better than plastic.

It looks great. This is a juicer that will complement your countertops. It has a simple, elegant design which won’t get stained or cracked over the years.

The Elite has a slightly larger juicing chamber than the Multi-Speed. It’s a better choice for people who are juicing a lot of produce each session. It comes with a jumbo-sized pulp bin, as well as a juice pitcher with a froth separator. The pulp bin fits neatly under the wing of the juicer.

The cord storage wraps up under the body of the juicer, just like on the Multi-Speed. The Elite model also has the same safety features, BPA-free plastics, and cleaning brush as the Multi-Speed.

This model comes with a deluxe instructional book with recipes and tips. While serious juicers might not need the instructions so much, we like having a good recipe book around to help shake things up and introduce more variety into our juicing routines!


Some previous buyers said they thought the holes in the micro mesh filter basket were too small, and clogged very quickly. We’re going to put that down to inexperience or poor cleaning practice, since the vast majority of reviewers didn’t have any issues.

While the low speed setting works alright with kale and other leafy greens, it’s not ideal. The Multi-Speed and Duo offer a bit more specificity for tackling greens, since they have 5 dedicated settings. It’s also worth remembering that masticating and triturating juicers are more suited to greens than any centrifugal juicer.

For such an expensive juicer, the warranty period is quite short. It’s only for 1 year. Some reviewers said they had problems with the motor after a few years of use.

Previous buyers said that Breville’s customer service was very lacking outside of the warranty period. While the company responded promptly and helpfully inside warranty coverage, they left buyers on their own after warranties ran out.


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The Juice Fountain Duo is the top of the line model from Breville.

It has the most powerful motor of all the juice fountains, at a whopping 1200 watts! Plus, it complements its brawn with the adaptive speed settings and versatility of the Multi-Speed model. With 5 speed settings and a separate smoothie/sorbet mode, the Duo is truly everything we could ask for in a centrifugal juicer and more!


The Duo has the most powerful motor in the Breville line. At 1200 watts, it’s certainly not lacking in brawn.

This model also includes the adaptive motor settings we love on the Juice Fountain Multi-Speed. While the lower priced Multi-Speed is just as versatile, the Duo combines versatility with a real punch of speed to blast through those tougher roots and stalks.

The dedicated smoothie disc makes purees and prepares sorbets from softer fruit. Since soft fruit like blueberries and bananas doesn’t need to be filtered, the soft fruit disc spits everything out with a thicker, creamier consistency. It also ensures you’re not wasting any juice in the pulp bin.

The Duo also has the best build quality of the Breville lineup. Its die-cast steel body is heavy, reassuring, and looks fantastic on your countertops. Since the juicer is a bit of a pain to put into storage, aesthetics are especially important!

It also has all the smart design features of the smaller Breville models, like the locking arm, automatic overload protection/motor shutoff, and noise and vibration control.

The Duo comes equipped with a pulp container and juice pitcher appropriate to its larger capacity. The juice pitcher holds 1.2 liters, and has a built-in froth separator. The pulp bin holds 3 liters, and has a handle built in. The pulp bin fits neatly under the wing of the juicer, so there’s no gap between the pulp chute and the bin opening.

The top of the housing, including the pulp chute, is clear, as it is with the lower-priced models. That makes it easier to see what’s going on inside as you juice.

The deluxe manual includes thorough, helpful instructions for cleaning and maintenance, as well as lots of recipes to inspire your juicing.


It’s heavy. At 15 pounds, the Duo isn’t a juicer you’ll want to haul out of storage every day! We’d recommend finding a home for it on your countertop. The Duo also has a larger footprint, so this isn’t the best choice for shared apartments or homes with limited counter space.

Even the best Breville juicer isn’t a match for a masticating or triturating juicer when it comes to leafy greens. While reviewers had decent results when they juiced greens with other produce, people who make primarily green juices may want to look elsewhere.

Which Juice Fountain Should You Buy?

The Multi-Speed is the least expensive of our recommendations. It offers the best value for serious juicers, since it’s the most affordable Juice Fountain with a metal body and multiple speed settings. While you can find cheaper Breville juicers, these upgrades are essential for people who juice regularly.

The 1000-watt Juice Fountain Elite is our recommendation for people whose main priority is getting lots of juicing done quickly and quietly. If you tend to juice mostly fruits and vegetables, with the occasional leafy greens, it’s got you covered. The Elite is simple, straightforward, and solidly built. It’s more durable than the Multi-Speed, and has a larger capacity, which is ideal if you’re juicing for the whole family. However, it is less versatile than the Multi-Speed or Duo.

Finally, the Juice Fountain Duo is our recommendation to people who want the best of both worlds. While the Duo is the most expensive Breville model, it’s both powerful and versatile. Plus, it packs the biggest motor and largest capacity of all the Juice Fountains. The Duo is probably overkill if you’re only juicing for yourself, but it’s perfect for people who want to juice large quantities, but don’t want to be limited to certain types of produce.

FYI: Joe Cross of www.rebootwithjoe.com/ uses Breville Juice Fountain Plus as his official Juicer.

Your Breville Juicer Buying Guide

Decide on your budget:

We recommend spending at least $150 on a Breville juicer. While the company makes cheaper models, they’re made from mostly plastic, and don’t have multiple speed settings. In our book, that disqualifies them from being elite juicers.

Juice Fountain models above $150 are more powerful, which means quicker juicing times and less clogging. We’ve also found that faster motors spin more juice out of pulp, which means you’ll waste less juice!

Our recommendations range from a little over $150 to $350 or so. Breville’s pricing is pretty straightforward–the more expensive the juicer, the more powerful the motor, and the more metal in the body and housing.

Set your priorities:

Before you decide on a Breville, you’ll want to figure out what kinds of produce you’re intending to juice.

All of the Juice Fountain models will do well with the old standbys, like apples, carrots, celery, or beets. However, if you’re looking to juice lots of citrus, soft fruits, greens, or tricky roots like ginger, you’ll want a Juice Fountain with variable speed settings.

If you’re juicing large quantities on a regular basis, we’d recommend getting a Juice Fountain with a larger capacity, and with a larger motor (i.e. the Elite or Duo).

If you’re only juicing a serving or so for yourself, you can probably get away with a smaller model, like the Multi-Speed.

Think about durability:

All Breville juicers have fairly short warranty periods. Aside from the Duo, all their models have just 1-year warranty coverage.

With that in mind, we recommend investing in a Juice Fountain with a die-cast body and mostly metal parts, so that you won’t have as much to worry about after your warranty runs out.

You can also purchase add-on warranty coverage for 1-3 extra years. We recommend that option for a Breville, because the manufacturer’s warranty is so short.

What’s Next?

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