How to Juicer Without a Juicer?



I bet you have heard about juicing, all the cool kids do it. If you want your body to get all the required nutrients at once, then you try out juicing. The downside on juicing is that it can occupy a lot of room in your kitchen and also it tends to be very pricey. If you plan to keep your kitchen equipment at the minimum level in terms of cost and space, don’t invest in a juicer anytime soon. This though shouldn’t limit you from enjoying a chilled juice.

If you want to make an apple carrot beet ginger juice, ypu can use a blender to do all that and use a fine mesh strainer so as to squeeze all the juice out. After you have done all this, discard the pulp and enjoy your apple carrot beet ginger juice.

It may sound tiresome and a lot of work but in real sense it isn’t. The only thing you need to do is just rinse your fruits. You will also not buy a juicer which is expensive hence this will save you some few coins.

The good thing about this juice is that it is perfectly balanced and sweet with a good ginger taste. If you don’t like ginger or you are allergic to it, I advise you to remove or just scale it down. Ginger has very many health benefits. To get the best taste and feel, play around with the ingredients until you get the taste you prefer.

The juice is rich in nutrients such as vitamin K and A, vitamin C, beta carotene, polyphenols, folate, antioxidants and also anti-inflammatory benefits that can are from ginger. Let’s see how we can prepare apple carrot beet ginger juice.


Preparation time

Ten mins

Total time to make

Ten mins

Recipe type: Juice

Cuisine: Gluten Free, Vegan

Serves: As many people you deem fit.


One beet, rinsed, that is lightly peeled and quartered well.

One apple, that has been peeled well, cored and quartered well.

One table spoon size piece of fresh ginger that has its skin removed well. This is optional.

Three whole carrots, that have been rinsed and peeled

Unfiltered apple juice. This is optional


Take all your ingredients and put them all in your blender and then blend them until they become smooth while you are adding apple juice to it to keep it moving. The right quantity would probably be a quarter a cup of apple juice.

After you have done all this, pour the juice you have made into a large bowl over a fine mesh strainer. Use a rubber spatula so as to press on the pulp in order to squeeze out all the juice that may be remaining.

Discard the pulp. You can drink your juice or you can refrigerate it though it is best served when it is still fresh.

Nutrition Information

This juice is quite exquisite as it has the following nutrients:

One gram of carbohydrates

209 mg of Fiber

259 mg of fat.

One beverage calories

63g of Sugar